This is Jeff Burke with Quiet Cut Mowing And More. As you can tell from this beautiful, roughly 70 degree warm day, spring is headed our direction… and with it will come growing grass. But before all that new growth actually gets here, I just wanted to point out that now is a great time to take care of necessary outdoor projects that are best done while plant life is still mostly dormant.

Such projects include shrub and hedge trimming if it didn’t get done last fall, taking down dead trees or trimming off dead branches from trees that are otherwise healthy, doing yard cleanups if the winter winds deposited unwanted debris on your lawn, cleaning leaves and other obstructions out of your gutters so they can properly carry water away from your home when the spring rains come, and maybe even cleaning debris out of your mulch beds and putting down a fresh top layer of mulch to make your home look extra sharp for the beautiful spring days ahead.
If you are interested in any of the above services, please feel free to contact me. To do so, you can simply reply to this email or, if you prefer, you may call or text me at 717-423-4123. If you do call and I can’t answer, please leave me a voicemail.  
As always, thank you for using Quiet Cut Mowing And More for your outdoor lawncare and related needs.
I look forward to working with you this year,
Jeff Burke, Owner
Quiet Cut Mowing And More
Mount Joy, PA
Ph/Text: 717-423-4123